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The tradition of mosaic with contemporary design

Mosaic is one of the oldest art techniques in the world. For thousands of years the small tiles have given facades, floors and other surfaces a timeless appearance. This art form has been a permanent trend in architecture over the years and also makes a clear statement of timeless aesthetics in the 21st century. Sto-Glass mosaic gives the designer the possibility to create a unique façade. Playing with colour intensity, clarity and brilliance is simple: a wide choice of colours and sizes offers endless possibilities. A colour gradient from dark to light, a balanced selection from the colour circle or a modern look with fewer colours: with Sto-Glass mosaic you can create the most brilliant façades.

Benefits of glass mosaic

Glass mosaic has a number of advantages that other claddings don’t have. The glass mosaic mats are supplied in a size of 30 cm by 30 cm. This ensures better dimensional stability. Moreover, the glass mosaic is very easy to clean, is frost resistant and has water absorption of up to half a per cent. Glass Mosaic is suitable for any situation which makes it extremely flexible. This way the designer preserves can combine a highly aesthetic design with a functional façade.

  • Can be applied on traditional ETICS and ventilated systems
  • For exterior and interior use
  • Great dimensional stability and depth
  • Frost resistant
  • Available in multiple sizes:
    • 23 x 23 mm
    • 23 x 48 mm
    • 48 x 48 mm
    • Wide choice of colours: 40 different colours available
    • Glossy and frosty variants

Material Properties