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This clever wood-plastic combination is a moulded resin for heavy-duty applications. The raw materials used are wood, wood derivatives and a transparent layer of PU on top of the raw material.

Technically, the Double Vision material is constructed using a two-component system. Liquid PUR is cast as the mass. This reacts with a second liquid component to form the very hard, transparent, weather-proof and UV-stable product. Neither of the components contains solvents.

The resin is developed for out-door, heavy duty use. It is suited to high mechanical loads, remaining transparent and intact after long-term exposure to UV-radiation. It is waterproof and inert to a wide range of chemicals. When rightly used the end product is both homogeneous and transparent and therefore very suitable for transmission and refraction of light in electronic devices. The resin material has a thermal conductivity of 0,16 W/mK.

The material is machine-made and with a high quality plastic moulded surface. It is strong, very hard (approximately D80 shore) and scratch resistant. End results vary. A broad range of composition colours are available. Dimensions are limited up to 5m2 per piece, though separate pieces can be put together without size limitations. Size is variable up to 3000 mm x 1200 mm. The samples given are very thick: up to approx 60mm.

The product is intended for exclusive interiors and there are limited options for exteriors. Applications include product design and construction for furniture, boardroom and/or customer specific blades for tables, branding and upper segment kitchen and bathroom furniture.

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