Grandezza Antique brass

brown, gold

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Grandezza Antique Brass is a metallic coating which is used to create high-quality, individual designs for indoor walls and ceilings. Diverse spatula techniques produce metallic smooth and effect designs. The rusted metal look is designed with a steel spatula and then with sparse use of a gold spatula.

The coating is applied as a creative technique, for instance this antique brass look, applied with a basic spatula in thin, long tracks without structure. After drying the whole surface is coated with a steel spatula. The following day the brass is added as an activator, in a 3:1 mix.

The appearance of the finish is used for unique surfaces, and extraordinary metal look, high-quality, individual decoration. There is the possibility for combination with Volimea wall coating, by the same producer. The material is heat resistant up to 200°C.

Depending on customer requirements, after drying the surface can be sanded wet or dry the next day, to achieve areas of the metallic, brass luster. Combination with other finishes are also possible.

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