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Drop Stich Fabrics


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Traditionally a velvet fabric is obtained from a woven double-cloth with the interlocking wrap threads cut to produce two fabrics with a particular pile height but destroying the original structure in the process. Tissavel has come up with an original process which produces 3-dimensional fabrics without the need to cut threads and yet at a pre-determined pile height.

The interlocking threads of these drop stitch fabrics are strong and resilient enough to keep the two layers apart and parallel when stretched to a maximum. The products can be used in the nautical sector for manufacturing inflatable structures like docks or as the basis for inflating boats. They can also be used as architectural features in building construction and for protection gas pipes and electrical cables in wet environments. They can equally be used in protective clothing against fire, heat and mechanical abrasion. The fabrics are produced in HT polyester, polypropylene, polyamide and aramid fibres. The standard thickness are between 25 and 450 mm.

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