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Giving nuances to light, adding interest to the smooth transparent surface and bringing to life the duo of glass and material-these are a few of the features of Texglass, which is created by inserting various materials between the plies of laminated glass. The product range includes four main types of Texglass products:

Texglass collection: Paper of fabric is fitted between two sheets of laminated glass. The print of the fabric-be it colourful, monochrome, or a blended design-is enchanced by the brilliance of the glass and becomes an integral part of the décor.

Texglass Nature: Plants or minerals give a pastoral note. Leaves, earth or sand testify to the ecological era. This application lends itself particularly well to large glazed partitions.

Texglass Metal: Copper, brass, steel or stainless steel, aluminium or bronze, interlaced, perforated or woven, this range ensures solar protection and moderates the effect of transparency.

Texglass Matiere: Fibre or canvas between two sheets of glass. These products are either used as backdrops for shop display windows or as interior partitions or balustrades. Texglass Matiere plays the role of light regulator and varies according to the texture and density of the inserts. The base colour is white or any of the various colours available in the RAL Range.

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