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A single component fastening system with a characteristic mushroom-shaped structure that fastens with a click-lock action, similar to the way a press-stud works. It’s a rapid, precise material for fastening various panels, objects and other materials to a fixed substrate. This is a clever fastening system that is much stronger than it looks.

The manufacturers state that it can be used for attaching façade panels to buildings. Advantages include simple, hook-and-loop type attachment (similar to Velcro), both longitudinal and horizontal fastening, and a very thin operating dimension. A panel can be glued to the Duotec material of between 4 and 6 mm.

The tensile disengagement varies between 30 and 35 N/cm2, making the material quite hard to remove once fastened to a large panel.

Various types of the Duotec material are available. Duotec 50 comes in black, with 42 heads per cm2, while the white Duotec 42 features 56 heads per cm2.

As an architectural solution, the material is interesting as it can be released and repositioned. It is also invisible in the finished façade. Uniform distribution of forces across the hooking tape mean the attachment will last longer, too. The material can be used in infrastructure, marine and building environments.

Weights vary from 22 g/m1 for an unglued roll of tape, to 50 g/m1 for the heaviest, glued kind. The rolls come in lengths of 25 or 50 m.

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