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The fruit of Barrisol’s research and development endeavors, Barrisol Mirror is the latest addition to an already extensive range of products and finishes. With high reflective power, this amazing sheet merges the reflective capacity of a mirror with the manageability and ease of installation of a sheet material.

It is available in five finishes: Gold, Silver, Watered Copper, Watered Tin and Black Mirror.

It is specially designed to fit into self-supporting frames of any shape: rectangles, circles, triangles or squares in 2D or 3D, and adds an exceptional character to decorated spaces.

The steadfastly modern Mirror sheet can also be printed and back-lit through standard or customized perforations that produce a unique effect. The Barrisol Mirror range can be combined with the exclusive micro-perforated ‘Barrisol Acoustics’ system to improve the acoustic comfort of spaces.

Barrisol Mirror sheets are 100% compliant with EU and international standards (BS2-D0) and confirm that Barrisol Mirror sheets meet the requirements of public and home spaces.

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