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Duramique mineral flooring


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Duramique is a beautiful and robust, seamless floor with the minimalistic and industrial look of a polished concrete floor, but then without cracks from shrinkage and without saw cuts. Duramique is both warm and inviting, but also the impressive showpiece for the industry, museums, schools, offices and homes. It is highly suited for renovation projects.

Duramique is an environmentally friendly floor that absorbs CO2 from the air. It is a strong floor with the honest look of solid concrete. The floor is high quality and wear-resistant and is seamless over the entire surface. Duramique is available in thirteen natural tones with a lovely, deep colour that goes beyond the surface. Duramique can be applied on all firm surfaces in a layer with thickness from 10 to 35 mm. The floor shows hardly any shrinkage and has no cracking. In short, Duramique is not only a seamless, high-quality floor with personality, but is also highly practical to use.

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