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Together with the Amsterdam technology company Aectual, Duracryl has introduced an innovative 3D-printed flooring system with the Durabella seamless terrazzo infill. Offering customizable designs, environmentally friendly production and a long lasting quality.

Duracryl translates your unique design into a signature floor. They also offer a variety of patterns that can be modified into your personal design with the ease of a mouse click. Choose from the material palette that contains a multitude of carefully selected infills and colours that ensure a one-of-a kind product.

The floors add an extra layer to your building. They are a means to integrate storytelling in flooring design. Create unique details in line with the architecture of your building, add bespoke branding, intensify routing and way finding, and shape special places.

The floor distinguishes itself from other terrazzo floors through the absence of joints and dilatations. It is seamless and therefore, much more sleek.

Due to a specially developed binding agent, the seamless floor has a binding that is impervious to shrinkage and cracking. The floors are available in the version of smaller and larger pieces of marble and natural stone. The combinations are endless: natural stone, marble and granite, bonded in a setting of coloured binding agent. With a layer with thickness starting at a mere 10 mm, Durabella x Aectual can be applied to any firm surface, even on wood or elevated floors. In short, a practical, seamless floor with a unique look and personality.

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