FFEXX liquid flooring


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Successor to linoleum and vinyl! FFEXX is the first serious alternative for sheet linoleum and vinyl. Intended for shops, offices, schools to museums and even hospitals. A floor that gets you through the day. FFEXX has the look of linoleum and vinyl, only seamless. Thus, it is sleek and professional. FFEXX is unique in that it is not made on a roll in the factory, but is prepared directly on the floor. It provides seamless floors with personality and character. There are 42 standard colours available, and the composition can also be made entirely to your specification.

The application is highly flexible, for example, in combination with other floors. Skirting boards can be formed seamlessly that transfer smoothly into the floor. FFEXX is made of high-quality raw materials, where the material is highly chemical-resistant. Therefore, in medical environments, where floors are exposed to urine, blood and disinfectants, the condition of the floor also remains intact. In short, FFEXX, the beautiful, sleek floor for flexible and durable use.

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