Dutch Patine


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This material is no longer available.

Decorative high quality leather of full grain, drum-dyed nappa leather with a special metallised finishing of tiny metal pigments. The raw Material comes from Western European Bull Hides and is suitable for normal use. Available in colour shades of red, brown, green and blue with a thickness of 1.0–1.1 mm (DIN en ISO 2589, IUP 4). Average Hide Size is 5, 5 – 6m2. It has been finished with a breathable finish and metallic pigments. This material Dutch Patine of Hulshof Royal Dutch Tanneries has a distinctive silky and slightly glowing surface .
Performance Characteristics:
Light Fastness Min. 4 (DIN EN ISO 105-B02, IUF 402)
Flexometer test 50000 (No damage) (DIN EN ISO 5402, IUP 20)
rubbing dry 500/4, wet 200/4, sweat 100/4 (DIN EN ISO 11640, IUF 450)
adhesion of finish >2,5N/CM (DIN EN ISO 11644, IUF 470)
tear test >50 N. Abs. (DIN EN ISO 3377-1,IUP 40)
flammability: Complies to EN 1021-1/2 (Furniture)DIN 75200 (Möbel)

Material Properties