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In-fusion embossed


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Flat fabrics and Embossed fabrics made of pure metal. All these fabrics made entirely of stainless steel or brass are incombustible. (Class A1), according to the Decision 96/603/CE of the European Commission. Available in: stainless steel, brass, copper, coloured copper, Width: 100 cm (39″) Embossed fabrics made of pure metal width: 140 cm (55″). In-fusion textiles can be used for curtains, panels, sofas, armchairs, chairs.

Texe Srl has more then 50 years expertise in textiles. In 2003 the company started producing technical textiles under the brand INNTEX – Innovative Textiles. Today INNTEX produces fabrics for electromagnetic shielding, metal textiles for interior design and other specialty textiles. INNTEX produces the G-iron metal shielding elements with a proprietary technology.The company produces flat knitting machines and metal technical textiles for industry and interior design.

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