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Metal Mesh systems

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Cambridge Architectural Metal Mesh is made from stainless steel, copper, or brass. It is hand-crafted on industrial looms and can be custom-made to order.
This architectural mesh systems is suitable for a wide range of applications, both interior and exterior. It provides both form and functional enhancement, and to meet the concerns of today’s environmentally sensitive, safety conscious designs.
For interiors, mesh is most often used as a wall or ceiling covering , cladding in elevators or stand alone as a space divider. or unique design element. For exteriors, mesh can be used for building facades. Recently, mesh has been developed as a shading material, reducing solar heat gain. This Mesh can also be used for safety and security purposes as a barrier. It provides fall protection and maintains durability on exterior walkways and pedestrian bridges.
Origin of the Material
Since founding in 1917, complex metal fabrics have been designed, engineered, fabricated and crafted. Architectural has been developed from the industrial wire cloth business of Cambridge International. The company introduced its esthetical attractive flexible metal fabric product in the mid-1960s. However it was not until 2001 that Cambridge Architectural was created, as architects demand for this product increased heavily.

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