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E-GLAS is a glazing unit which emits electronically controlled radiant heat. It is an integrated and invisible heating solution. It allows for increased visual and thermal indoor comfort. At the same time, it resolves structural problems of maintenance and visibility linked to condensation or snow. It is available as double or triple glazing, as well as a laminated safety glass.

E-GLAS is an active glazing, which converts electrical power into heat. The heating surface of the glazing is low-emissivity glass: when stimulated by electrodes, the thin oxide coating over the inner face on the side of the vacuum (filled with Argon) radiates heat towards the opposite face. Depending on its composition, it can heat outward or inward, and can melt snow, prevents condensation, and constitutes a source of heat itself.
The power of E-GLAS is controlled by a different electrical features like thermostats or snow-detectors. The laminated version is often used for interior applications like glass separation-walls that heat to both sides and gives comfort or replaces the main heating system. Coating on glass, to be assembled in double, triple or laminated glass.

Heating glass system, anti-condensation, snow-melting function, radial healthy heating, 100% efficiency.
Certifications: CE, SGS, VDE
Shapes standard: rectangle, square, trapezoid.
Special shapes : round, oval, triangle.
Sizes are to be customized, as maximum size is 2.17 m x 4.0 m
Applications are both interior and exterior: exterior windows, partition walls, floor, roofs, etc.

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