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HT coating for ceramic tiles


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HT coating for ceramic tiles by Agrob Buchtal is especially developed with three properties in mind: to make surfaces easier to clean, anti-bacterial and odeur-repellent.
The HT coating is based on the photocatalytic properties of titanium dioxide as a catalyst, which effects a reaction between light, oxy-gen and air humidity.
The coating is not simply applied by spraying or any other “cold” method, but baked onto the glaze at high temperature in-plant. Compared to con-ventional sealing, impregnating or coating methods, HT is so robust that it can be used not only for wall but also for floor tiles.
Tiles with HT are hydrophilic, i.e. “water-friendly“ and thus easy to clean. The water is not repelled, but spreads to form a thin film on the surface. In this way, dirt is washed down and can be easily removed. On facades rainwater forms a thin film which infiltrates dirt and thus causes a self-washing effect.
HT has also an antibacterial effect: the photocatalysis produces activated oxygen, which decomposes microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, algae, moss and germs and prevents the formation of new pathogenes.
HT eliminates unwelcome or harmful odours (interior and exterior), e.g. formaldehyde, tobacco or the exhaust fumes produces by industry or cars: a HT facade surface of 1000 m² cleans the air as effectively as 70 deciduous trees.

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