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- story by MaterialDistrict

The EBB tile by Rain(a)Way is mainly designed to transport water. During those rainfalls where the gutter just seems to fail at every turn, EBB can be used to guide the water to a particular direction (e.g. your garden or flowerbed) by using its engraved patterns.

With 4 different designed titles for different purposes, the 100m long and 14m wide Rain-a-way Garden in Rotterdam will be the testing ground of these new tiles. The tiles were inspired by Japanese architecture and culture, in which, rainwater is integrated transparently and aesthetically into the city.

While in some areas are of the world such as California and Australia, are experiencing doughts, others are suffering from floods and lack of water-managment, like Bangladesh or Guangzhou (China). The concretification and effects of climate changing is hitting everyone. Rotterdam, and in particular the Zomerhofkwartier and Agnies-neighborhood, suffer from heavy storms that flood streets, gardens and basements alike.

It’s therefore of utmost importance that our concrete jungles learn to adapt to a changing environment, which is what the aforementioned tiles and the garden are all about. Adapting to change by change.

In addition to their intriguing patterns, these tiles are available in various colors.

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