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- story by MaterialDistrict

Rain(a)Way’s ‘Flood’ tile by Fien Dekker is an innovative tile that can visibly accommodate rainwater.  The Flood Open, by contrast, is intended for water filtration and storage. It should not be stepped on, but instead used in combination with stepping-stones. The Flood Open tile collects water within its curved walls, filtering the runoff back into the earth via holes along the four perimeter edges.

The other two tile designs also allow for slow filtration. The Flood ‘Doorlatend’ Tile has a semi-permeable base, allowing water to seep slowly back into the earth. Meanwhile, The Flood Closed Tile allows for slow drainage through wall joints in the tile.

On the one hand, this contributes to a solution to the problem and, on the other hand, the rain water becomes visible in an attractive manner.

The ‘Flood’ tiles can be laid in every possible way to create random patterns. However, to create pedestrian routes, step tiles can be superimposed on the stones. The tiles are available in ten variants. Fien Dekker explains that the design is influenced by Japanese architecture, in particular its aesthetic and functional response to water.

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