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ecologia Fluido


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Ecologia Fluido is a translucent recycled polypropylene material suitable for packaging, stationery, signing and so on. It has a high-gloss metallic finish in sky-blue or gold on one side, making the material look like anodised aluminium sheeting.

The ecologia material is manufactured from post-industrial scrap PP, is non-toxic and highly energy efficient during its manufacture. 40 times less energy is used transforming this material back into sheet form than if using virgin material. Replacing 1kg of virgin PP with 1kg of ecologia reduces CO2 emissions by 97%. It has carbon-neutral certification #CN172.

Ecologia Fluido performs the same as virgin material, with a shiny look that echoes its quality. Its folding, thermoforming and cutting properties are similar to those of a virgin material, with the additional environmental benefits of being recycled and recyclable. The producer stresses that its stringent attention to the recycling process ensures that the Fluido material has superior quality, consistency and appearance.

Standard sheet sizes are 665mm x 1220mm, though custom sizes and gauge ranges are available on request. The material is surface treated and offers excellent ink adhesion for screen, offset and digital printing. It can be die-cut, creased and thermoformed.

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