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LED Light Sheet

White, RGB
United Kingdom

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LED Light Sheet is a versatile backlighting unit which delivers bright, even illumination suitable for a variety of applications.

The LED Light Sheet is based on a thin PMMA (acrylic) sheet. The lighting panel is characterised by a slim profile of 6, 8 or 10mm and custom made to client requirements by Applelec.

Production uses a patented 3D V-cutting technology. This etches a uniform matrix onto the clear PMMA acrylic. This is then cut to a specified shape and size. Thermally managed LEDs in a range of colour temperatures or with RGB colour-changing properties are then securely embedded into the sheet using a patented technique. This ensures that the unit is robustly constructed and in particular stays cool to the touch.

The etched matrix pattern is a guide which ‘transports’ light from the LEDs across the surface of the panel, delivering homogenous illumination. The panels are manufactured in the UK and tailored to suit either internal or external installations, with IP45 rated panels available standard, or panels with IP67 rating on request.

The cool operating temperature of the sheet means that this material can provide a lighting solution for heat sensitive products and areas. Narrow panels can be made to fit slim shelving or counter display units. The panel has been used for luxury brands,  such as Jimmy Choo and Mulberry. Smalll units can be combined to create large, tiled panels. The sheet can be cut into  customised sizes and shapes with maximum panel size of 3000mm x 1500mm. Curved panels can be created by heat forming the acrylic sheets.

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