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- story by MaterialDistrict

Zebra is composed of selected strips of Belgian blue stone that are firmly bonded together to create slabs of 2m x 3 m, with a calibrated thickness of 20mm or 30mm.

The Zebra material, named for its distinctive striped appearance, is a novel way to process limestone. Rigorous selection of the strips ensures that there are very few open carbon layers, fewer than ‘normal’ blocks of blue stone. Usual extraction from quarries, and processing of Belgian blue limestoneinto a finished product, leads to about 50% leftover material, often in relatively small sizes.

The manufacturer processes these leftovers and saws them into strips, which are then glued together. The material is a semi-finished product, that comes as a large slab of natural stone that can be made to measure in a normal stonecutter company.

Further characteristics are a consistent quality within a highly reliable composition, a relatively low ecological footprint and suitability for application both inside and outside. An interesting architectural detail is the use of mathematically controlled incremental sizes. The Fibonacci sequence (two previous numbers are added to form the third, so the sequence starts: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, …) is used to generate a set of Zebra stones that will tile easily.

The stone is available in six different finishes: grey grinded, blue grinded, honed, polished, sanded or bush-hammered. This last variation introduces subtle pock-marking to the stone. Zebra is suited for use on floors, walls, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, terraces, ramps and so on.

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