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Emma Geers

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Created by Emma Geers, the EG Wall Panel Collection stands for unique wall concepts and a series of original wall coverings that allows you turn your interior into a space that really stands out.

Emma Geers is driven by the aim of creating usable art and enabling people to use their creativity to design their own ‘Allure Wall’ that is just as unique as themselves. Each of the wall panels and art frames are handmade in the studio.

Because of the many EG design possibilities, Emma recommends laying the Wall Panels out on the floor and playing around to see which shape or look you like best.

One approach of particular note is to make the panels simple but daring by combining them with texture and colour. The panels are made in following sizes (cm):10/10 – 20/20 – 30/30 – 30/50 – 50/50 – 30/60 – 40/60 – 50/60 – 60/60 – 100/100. (Measurements outside these sizes can be made on request).

Every box of EG Wall Panels comes with double side tape or glue and installation instructions. If planning to install near moisture, an all-purpose construction adhesive is recommended.

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