Prambanam mahogany bark


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Prambanam mahogany bark panels are handmade, durable and easy to install. Made from post-consumer coconut waste, these panels offer a 3D effect with a warm and cozy look and feel, while the type of material used provides distinctive natural textures and surprising colours.

The Prambanam series stands out with the use of mahogany bark material, characterised by a very rich, reddish brown colour. One of the two new specials in this series is the magony bark

Prambanam mahogany bark tiles are made of mahogany bark material cut into very small sticks glued to net backing, thus being easily applicable to curved walls. To finish they are protected against fungus and insects.

It is recommended to paint the wall in a dark colour before applying the tiles on the wall.

Because of their structure and material composition, it is also important to note that these panels may not be suitable for every application. They are best applied in a dry ventilated area. They may be used in outdoor applications, however, only on surfaces that are not subject to precipitations.

In term of maintenance, the panels can be easily cleaned with a duster or vacuum cleaner. If you wish to wash the wall, it is recommended to use a wet cloth dipped in water with diluted neutral detergent.

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