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Ekotex Magnet Whiteboard


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Ekotex Magnet (Magneet) is a wall finish with many possibilities. With Ekotex Magnet, an interior can be quickly and easily transformed into a presentation wall without plates or magnetic paint. The system can also be combined with audiovisual to create a Wikiwall.

Available in 7 different designs, the Ekotex magnet system consists of a  magnetizable underlayer, and is finished with a woven glass fabric.  The Ekotex Magnet system should be painted with two coats Ekotex semi gloss paint. An upgrade of the finish can be achieved with the use of Ekotex Whiteboard or Ekotex Chalk.

This system is very flexible and is available in floor to ceiling spans, but can also be applied to select parts of a wall.  Whether the walls are curving, straight or oblique, the Ekotex magnet system can be applied without difficulty on each wall. Crack-bridging is very strong and the system has sufficient adhesion to hang multiple drawings and memos. With a smooth finish, Ekotex glass fabric creates a tight and flat wall without structure.

Offering more space for ideas and creativity, this system is ideally suited for use in offices, schools, conference rooms, hospitals, nurseries, playrooms and kitchens where it can be used for meetings and presentations, brainstorming, planning boards, action lists etc.

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