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This material, called Squash, looks like heavily embossed leather but the design is actually applied by means of serigraphing the leather, which is then raised by means of vacuum suction. The technology to do this on full hides is exclusive to Futura Leathers.

Squash is available in 5 colours from the warehouse in Italy and can be supplied in even just one piece. Futura leather does not request minimum order quantity on the colours in the collection. Due to its high price, this material is particularly suitable for fashion, accessories and high end industries.

Founded in 1985 by Luigi Mazzocco and Simon Croucher, Futura Leathers has become an internationally recognised, world-class leather producer with a reputation for quality, service and innovation.

This medium-sized company is prepared with solutions for both the small entrepreneur and the large industrialist. They sell Futura Leathers in over 70 markets worldwide and just over 80% of the sales are outside Italy.

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