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These few embossed samples are just a part of the more than 500 embossed leather patterns available available from leather specialist Foglizzo.

As a company, Foglizzo consists of two main branches: the ‘Classic Family,’ with 10 products available in over 300 colours all ready on stock to supply small and medium size orders within a few days, and the ‘Full Custom’ family branch, which allows clients to customise their own product. You are able to choose from the top quality hides from all over the world with any desired colour or effect (one or two colour pieces, metallic or antique effects etc.)

This embossed leather is treated to be water-repellant, for hydro and oil repellence, as well as a Thermo Leather treatment that reduces the overheating of hides when exposed to the sun. It is also available in a micro-perforated version for acoustic leather acoustic performance or as First Class, non-flammable leather.

Foglizzo, who specialise in crafting and supplying high quality leather segments for use in luxury yachts, private planes, helicopters, hotels, private residences, restaurant and shops was established in 1921 and is based in Torino, Italy

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