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This prototype is a free-form shell of 300 x 300 x 2-5 mm, manufactured with green agro-fibre thermoset composites, free-oriented short natural fibres and a plant-based thermoset bioresin. Different agro-fibres and agro-based particles from the plant residues stream were applied including coconut shells, cereal straw and black coal ash as agro-active fillers within this product design to reach different textured effects.

In addition, glowing additives were applied in order to allow the  possible application of the proposed product in exterior façade applications, with minimal energy consumption for night lighting. The matrix applied is plant-oil based to reach complete green-based biocomposites for architectural cladding applications, thus achieving higher material sustainability in contemporary architecture.

The proposed prototypes were examined for their suitability for exterior façade applications within a doctoral Research work at ITKE, and the initial free-weathering tests indicated their potential success in exterior applications, as well as in interior ones.

This product was designed and manufactured within the educational seminar: Do It Yourself in SS 11; under supervision of Dr.-Ing. Hanaa Dahy.

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