Embossed leather

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Leather hides are embossed and printed to create three-dimensional decorative patterns and add eye-catching and colourful looks to the natural material. For the Coventry collection, a three-dimensional plaid pattern is embossed on the suede’s surface, bringing to the front the rich contrasts of colour and texture within. The collection’s dynamic colour palette brings a modern eye-catching style to the leather. For Coventry, small suede hides are used. The suede comes from an Italian tannery with a long standing reputation for premium fashion garment leather. Mariposa is an oiled suede from Italy that is embossed using heat and pressure to inject rich contrasts of colour and dimension onto its surface. The Palladium collection features a dynamic geometric pattern printed on fine calfskin hides from France. A special milling technique during the dyeing process enhances the character of the grain and creates a three-dimensional effect for showcasing its bold peaks and valleys. The tanning period is also extended to impart this leather with suppleness and softness to compliment its bold texture.

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