Moso Bamboo Veneer


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Moso Bamboo Veneer is an A-quality veneer, made by slicing sheets from laminated blocks. The blocks consist of 100% Moso, a fast growing and giant bamboo species. A thin layer of laminated bamboo strips are backed with a thin and strong cellulose fleece. This facilitates easy pressing of the veneer sheets on a panel, which enables the use in multiple applications in the building and interior design industry. Thanks to its fast growing, Moso bamboo is a sustainable, renewable resource. Moso Bamboo Veneer is available in various sizes (up to sheets of 3100 x 1250 mm), colours (natural, caramel) and styles (side pressed, plain pressed). On request the veneer can be supplied with FSC-label and formaldehyde free adhesive (E0 norm).

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