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Ettlin Lux is a fabric that creates a 3D effect and visual depth in combination with LED light. The luminous structures are formed by interaction of the fabric with a point source of light situated behind the fabric. For viewers, each individual point of light is shaped into a bent line of light. If several points of light are used, all lines run together in the same direction with exactly the same curve: the fabric dictates the direction of the effect. LEDs are particularly suitable as light source, as they provide a concentrated luminosity and a lot of flexibility for colours and shapes.

The distribution of the light structures can be influenced by positioning of the fabric in relation to the light source, i.e. the larger the distance between fabric and LEDs, the longer the lines of light will be. But the result does not only change technically but also optically for the observer depending on the viewing angle. This creates a dynamic light image.

There are 3 types of fabric available:

    • Decolux collection: consists of high quality materials, and forms glowing 3D effects with an unusual appearance of depth.
    • Mood collection: mostly used embedded in glass or acrylic for installations in which the fabric has to be protected.
    • Miracle: a special version where you don’t see the light source behind the fabric.

Ettlin Tec are high-tech materials, which are functionalised with conductive textile structures and the integration of microelectronics. In this way, not only electric functions such as heating can be realised with these textiles, but also sensor function, energy and data transport and particular measurement tasks are possible. The material is a research and development study.

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