AmbientPro+ graphene paint


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This graphene based paint has a double decontaminant effect. It retains CO2 (4.8 kg/15 l) and decomposes harmful particles. AmbientPro+ by Graphenstone is photocatalytic paint that is suitable for interiors and exteriors. It decomposes organic substances and inorganic gases by means of light, whether natural or artificial, on titanium oxide nanoparticles, the photocatalytic component.

The paint is deal for buildings in cities with a lot of pollution. It also reduces odours from domestic animals, tobacco, etc.. The material is especially developed for façades of historic buildings in city centres and areas with high volumes of vehicles, such as tunnels and car parks. It is also suited for interiors of offices, restaurants, hotels, crèches, hospitals, veterinary clinics, etc..

The paint decomposes contaminants, such as NOx, VOCs, CO, SOx, and formaldehydes, and is active in the range of visible and UV light (10-750 nm). The material is free of VOC and formaldehyde emissions.

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