Eucalyptus cloeziana timber


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Wood Solutions offers plantation grown Eucalyptus wood types which can replace tropical hardwood species in a number of applications. Eucalyptus cloeziana timber has a natural durability Class 1. Field tests executed by an official Dutch Research Institute (SHR Timber Research) indicate that Cloeziana is resistant against shipworm (Teredo navalis).

The good physical properties of the timber, combined with its high durability, make it suitable for a wide range of purposes, including heavy construction, sleepers and mining timber. Due to its straight and branch free stem, it makes also a high quality transmission pole.

The timber has a yellow-brown colour with a straight grain and a fine texture. It dries easily, both in sawn and pole form, with little deformation. Pre-boring advisable before nailing.

Physical and mechanical properties

  • (at moisture content approx. 20%, air dry) Density: 850 – 1090 kg/m3
  • Modulus of Elasticity: 19521 Mpa Modulus of Rupture: 141 Mpa
  • Fibre Stress at P.L.: 93.9 MPa Compression // Grain: 75.1 MPa Toughness: 57.6 MPa
  • Hardness Side Grain (Janka): 8166 N Shrinkage (Green to Air Dry):
  • Radial – 4.04 %
  • Tangential – 6.78 %

Material Properties