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BioPanel is a biodegradable sheet material suitable for many different applications. It consists of 100% biobased materials with industrial hemp and a lactic acid thermoplastic biopolymer (PLA) as components. These are rapidly renewable plant- materials, most of which can be produced locally. The production of Biopanel is CO2 Neutral.

BioPanel is brown in colour and derives this natural colour from the components hemp and PLA used. The panel material is available in various thicknesses and standard sizes, and can also be custom-made. BioPanel sheet material is lightweight and comparable in strength to conventional HPL panels. For signing purposes, BioPanel sheet material can be coated with an environmentally conscious PVC-free foil. The durability of BioPanel depends on the specific application; for signing purposes, Biopanel guarantees a durability of at least 10 years for outdoor applications.

BioPanel was originally developed as a sustainable and environmentally friendly panel material for sign applications as a substitute for aluminium, HPL or DiBond. No fossil materials are used in the production of BioPanel, only rapidly renewable plant materials. In the production of BioPanel there are no fossil materials used, only rapidly renewable vegetable materials. Moreover, production takes place at lower temperatures, which means that less energy is needed. Last but not least, BioPanel is not only recyclable into new board material, but also bio degradable.

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