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FABBACK Colored Acrylic Mirror

United States

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FABBACK Colored Acrylic Mirror is an impact and weather resistant colored mirror product.
FABBACK Colored Acrylic Mirror is made from Plaskolite’s Optix acrylic sheet using a vacuum metallization process to achieve the mirror finish. The mirror surface is protected by a tough back-coating, resistant to scratching and damage of the thin mirror surface. Acrylic mirror sheets can be saw cut, router cut, or laser cut. Mirrored acrylic can also be cold bent for curved shapes or strip heated for a sharp bend.
FABBACK Colored Acrylic Mirror sheets have approximately 85-90% reflectivity over the visible light spectrum. Compared to glass of the same thickness, the weight is less than half, and it is 10 times more fracture resistant and 17 times more impact resistant.
FABBACK Colored Acrylic Mirror is provided with a protective film which is also laser cuttable. 19 standard colors are available, in addition to custom colors. Panels are 5 – 80 inches wide, 10 – 120 inches long, and .060 – .236 inches thick.
FABBACK Colored Acrylic Mirror will react upon exposure to many chemicals, and the mirror products are not recommended for exterior use when not sealed.

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