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Nano silver materials


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ECOS silver nanowires & AgPURE silver nanoparticles produced by RAS Materials are used as additives or coatings for polymer materials.

ECOS silver nanowires are engineered to have a high electrical conductivity with a low concentration or content of pure silver. The long, thin wire shape, in contrast to spherical nanoparticles, allows the particles to be in contact with each other from further distances.

The nanowires currently exist as transparent conducting coatings and films and are being developed to use in OLED lighting, smart polymers and fibers, IR shielding, transparent elecrodes for PV, and touch sensors for displays and screens.

AgPURE silver nanoparticles have antimicrobial properties and are used as an additive for hygienic surfaces. Silver has been known to be antimicrobial for many decades, but the nanoparticles are designed to have maximum antimicrobial effect and are able to be combined with many types of products. The nanosilver continuously releases silver ions without decreasing the antimicrobial activity over time. AgPure is stable at temperatures over 300 C which allows it to be used in microfiber production.

AgPURE has been used in many products such as UVEX protective clothing, integrated with microfibers and filament yarns, coatings, or is available as a solution. AgPURE polymer masterbatches are also available in pellet form.

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