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FibreForm shapes by means of embossing, press forming and thermo-forming. It should be noted that a paint or coating is essential in the final processing because the paper itself has no air barrier.

FibreForm does not have any chemical or polymer additive. It consists of 100% virgin fibres, making it unique and completely recyclable. This paper has very high elongation values: 15% in the machine direction (MD) and 10% in the cross-machine direction (CD). It also lends itself very well to embossing processes,  where depths of only a few millimeters can be achieved. This requires a new way of making molds in order to achieve an optimal result.

The basic weight of the embossed variety is 80/100/150 200 grams. For other formats the weight range is between 310 grams and 760 grams. This material offers printability in flexo, offset and digital printing with clay coated versions providing an improved printed image.  Gravure is not recommended because the paper has a fairly open structure.

Fibre Form has both a Bfr36.2 for contact with food along with an FSC certification for the sustainable management of forests.

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