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Flowing Art

DRT Vloeren

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DRT Vloeren is a specialist in the field of poured floors. The company is continuously developing new materials and applications of their materials. DRT manufactures design floors for public buildings and private homes as well as for the industry. The experience in the industry ensures the durability for the other applications.

The Flowing Art series is one of the collections of DRT Vloeren. Flowing Art is a floor on basis of poured resins and is available in a variety of colours and captured materials like shells, pebbles and coins. The series of captured residues of chemical reactions are even more eccentric. The floor has a flexible and elastic character and can therefore be placed on almost every surface, even wood. Besides that, the material is UV-resistant.

The Flowing Art floors can be installed without any seams and can be used over floor heating. The floor has a high chemical and fire resistance and is applicable in heavily used spaces.

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