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(Fibre)Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) is a state-of-the-art construction material that is an alternative to traditional materials such as concrete, steel and wood. The line of construction products by Fiberline Composites offers profiles, gratings, planks and brackets. Products can be supplied individually and unmachined, or machined according to customer specifications. They can also be supplied ready for on-site installation.

As construction materials, fibreglass-reinforced plastics have numerous advantages:
– corrosion and weather resistance:
Resistant to UV, salt water and chemicals
– low weight combined with great strength:
Low weight means low costs for transportation and assembly, smaller foundations and easier handling
– good thermal properties and no heat bridges:
For example, these properties can be utilized to integrate the facade in the bearing structure of a building, making it visible both inside and outside.
– minimal maintenance and long service life:
Structures in fibreglass-reinforced are not affected by rain, salt or frost, requiring only cosmetic maintenance. Maintenance costs are therefore lower than costs for similar structures in traditional materials such as concrete, steel and wood.
– rapid machining and assembly:
The material machines as easily and quickly as wood with the use of either special equipment or ordinary tools, the low weight making machining and assembly entirely uncomplicated. Fiberline has also developed brackets for joining Fiberline structural profiles.

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