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Fluxus is the result of the cooperation between Artist Michela Vianello, whose inspiration gave shape to the overall concept of the sculpture, and designer Karim Rashid, who designed the Knit – individual hand-made glass element.
Technical characteristics of Fluxus are outstanding: it covers a surface area of 60 m², using 80,000
handmade glass Knit elements in 5 colors. 6,000 kg of glass, steel and technology. The structure consists of mirrored hand shaped metal tracks, creating a perpetual sense of an unfinished spiral movement. Running on these tracks are fine cross-beams to which the Knit elements are anchored, attached one by one by means of a technical device created to an original Andromeda design. The lighting is provided by 5,000 punctiform halogen lamps distributed in a network across the internal surface of the wave.
About Andromeda:
Andromeda is one of the world’s leading brands in luxury custom-made handmade-glass lighting design. Set up in Murano in 1972, Andromeda brings a sense of modernity through its original interpretation of aesthetic concepts.

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