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SonoPerf® components made of stainless steel or aluminium have a sound-absorbing effect even without a fleece or mineral wool. It enables the usage of micro-slotted panels in fields of large-area sound absorption applications. A design with invisible acoustic features can now be realized with SonoPerf®. At a short distance micro-slotted metal panels give the impression of a closed surface. Additional options for interior design are possible thanks to colored powder coatings or print motifs.
SonoPerf® A is particularly suitable for humid or hot environments as well as for hygienic environments. It can be cleaned easily with high pressure or steam.
At a distance of one to two metres, the observer gets the impression of a homogenous surface.
SonoPerf® D has a high acoustic effectiveness in combination with fleece and/or mineral wool. This version is mainly chosen for design reasons, since the micro-slots are no longer perceptible at a short distance, so that the material provides the impression of a smooth surface. SonoPerf® D offers excellent absorption values, even at low
frequencies up to α 0.95 (class A).

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