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- story by MaterialDistrict

A polymer material that is printed on a variety of fabrics. The print is a silk-screen process. The hard polymer on the soft fabric allows three dimensional folds, creases and effects. These fabrics allow for curved, folded and warped designs.

The textiles are made via a unique process, in which the image is used to define the fabric’s dropping and folding. This means that the material can fold according to the printed pattern.

So a geometric or symmetric pattern will allow the fabric to fold extensively and create sculptural shapes. A more natural, organic pattern will create a more delicate effect. The geometric patterns are becoming increasingly popular.

The light, elastic textiles are combined with a proprietary material that indicates and follows the nature of the fabric’s movement and creates a new, three-dimensional textile structure.

Besides forming sculptural elements, the textiles are used in various fields, such as furniture, lighting, fashion and accessories.

The material can be used for general interior applications, and wall coverings are also possible. Dimensions depend on the project and quantity. Standard panel sizes are up to 65 cm x 85 cm, though larger sizes are available on request.

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