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- story by MaterialDistrict

FORZGlaze is ceramic glaze made with mineral residue. Designer Daria Biryukova started experimenting with traditional glaze recipes from Uzbekistan, in which ash material of a specific plant is used. However, this plant is hard to collect and in danger of extinction, so Daria started to look for an alternative.

After experimenting with various ashes, Daria came into contact with Renewi Mineralz, which produces FORZ. FORZ are sustainable resources extracted from mineral residue. The material is used in concrete and building projects in the ground, roads and water, reducing the need for primary resources. In FORZGlaze, FORZ is used in ceramic applications for the first time.

FORZGlaze is suitable for consumers and meets the current environmental demands. The recipe can be customised to change the colour or gloss of the glaze.

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