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These ceramic tile surfaces have an “iridescent metal” effect and are suitable for a vast range of applications.
The decisive touch of the brushing, the appearance of each piece, the repetitions of the circles to form spirals of light, the surfaces and the changing levels are all essential features of the series.
Available in 6 different finishes, Rosso Fusione, Nero Fuliggine, Grigio Fumo, Grigio Manganite, Bronzo Aureo and Rosso Rame.
The tiles are available in multiple formats, from small mosaic to a maximum of 60×60 cm
Specifications :
Thickness 12 mm
Water absorption <= 0,2%
ISO 10545-3
Classe BIa
ASTM C 373
Frost resistance Frostresistent
EN 202
ISO 10545-12
ASTM C 1026

Breakage load S >= 3600N
ISO 10545-4
Stain resistance 5
ISO 10545-14
Chemical GC – GLC GHC
resistance ISO 10545-13
ASTM C 650
FUCINA can get by time and trample some minimum variations of color and brightness that give to the product a characteristical effect of “natural timeworn”. This is not a defect
Caution: In the cleaning and in the maintenance of the tiles it’s recommended to don’t use absolutely acid or alkaline detergents: please use exclusively products with neutral Ph.

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