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Liquid Crystal “Color-Change” Collection

United States

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Thermo-chromatic Liquid Crystal “color-changing” also known as “mood materials”, is based on the property of certain molecules moving when warmed. By this action, whether by touch or increasing ambient temperatures, visible color within the material is dramatically changed. These unique chemicals are encapsulates within the polyurethane polymer.
Technology used for fabrication: Depending on the end use and application, they incorporate their trade formula into polyurethane resin which is laminated to various substrates and final constructions.

Usage: indoor / outdoor: Recommended for indoor upholstery, wall panels, footwear, handbags, apparel and accessories
Usage in products:Footwear, Clothing, Upholstery, Novelties, Wall covering, Toys. Sommers Plastics has supplied their color-changing materials to Calvin Klein, Puma, clothing designer, Norma Kamali, and others.

• sizes maximum, standard size, etc
Width 54”/137cm Custom only though some stock sampling available.
Minimum Order Quanity= 240 yards per colour
• other technical and sensorial specification (such as chemical resistance)
Temperature range can be customized for specific environments. Colors can be modified. Hidden, “peek-a-boo” messages, corporate identity logos, and security features can be imprinted.

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