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Fungi Force is the first 100% natural transparent black stain or biostain. It gives wood a beautiful natural matte black colour and offers your garden wood durable protection. Fungi Force is safe for people and nature and is the environmentally friendly alternative to impregnating, simply staining or painting exterior wood such as:

  • Fences,
  • Pergolas,
  • Garden sheds,
  • Playground equipment,
  • Canopy,
  • Doors and frames,
  • Facade cladding,
  • Garden furniture,
  • and other outdoor wood.

Fungi Force is a natural black stain that consists of two separate components. On the one hand the biofinish, an organic water-based stain with black pigmented fungi (Aureobasidium pullulans) and on the other hand the oil finish, a vegetable fatty oil from linseed. Both Fungi Force Biofinish and Fungi Force Oilfinish do not contain harmful chemicals. The linseed oil serves as food for the fungus and also keeps moisture out of the wood. The fungus protects the wood against the destructive power of UV radiation and also keeps other fungi out of the wood.

With Fungi Force you can apply an organic matte black protective layer to exterior wood yourself. The biofinish blocks harmful solar radiation and thus protects the oil and wood. The oil has a moisture-regulating effect on the wood and keeps the biofinish in good condition. Through simple, periodic post-treatment with the natural Fungi Force oil finish, the biofinish is optimally able to repair itself in the event of minor damage. Your garden house, fence or pergola will be protected in an environmentally friendly way for many years.

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