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Glacier and Honeycomb glass


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Kiln-formed glacier and honeycomb glass, with glass stripes preformed and melted in a stove with approx. 900 °C, designed by Detlef Tanz. The first glaze result is smoothed by hand to achieve colour courses and then in the stove fire-polished. The glass is smoothed and brushed with diamond brushes. The honeycomb glass becomes its textures by melting optical glass poles and coloured ARTlSTA® glass. Colour differences, aerial inclusions and uneven surfaces are typical for this glass glaze technology. The glacier- and honeycomb glass collection is made in the same technology which was already applied 4500 years ago by the Egyptians and the Romans. Today these technologies are called fusing or kiln formed glass.
The material is suitable for wash basins and tables, light objects, bowls, reflecting borders, wall tiles, door applications, floor tiles and catwalks.

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