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Kayar is a high-performance rubber flooring, made of a blend of synthetic and natural rubber with coconut fibres. The material is named for the word for plaited coconut-fibre rope in Tamil and is designed by Sottsass Associati. It is obtained by adding fragments of natural coconut fibre to a mix of rubber. The technological fulcrum of the project is the mixing process, which is especially engineered by Artigo to obtain a characteristic random act of the distribution of the fibres onto the surface. The rubber flooring is suitable for commercial spaces and complies with EN 12199 for high traffic flooring. It can also be used as wall surface. The material is available in 6.23’ x 32.8’ x .12’’ sheets in 16 colors, and in 2’ x 2’ loose-lay tiles in a .2’’ thickness in four colors.

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