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Glazed Ceramic Iridescent


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Through a process of co-creation with architects and designers, ceramics experts at Koninklijke Tichlaar have developed a range of glazed ceramic tiles that achieve a variety colour tones and iridescent gradations. Responding to different qualities of light, these glazed ceramics have been requested by renowned architecture bureaus for different projects across Europe and Asia.

A glaze is a layer of glass with which a fired clay product can be covered. The glass is composed of a mixture of non-organic minerals: metal oxides and silicates. The properties of a glaze can vary enormously, creating rich nuances of colour, gloss, and in this case an iridescent effect that results from an extra layer of glaze that contains lusters. Lusters are bright decorations with metallic iridescent characteristics that are produced by the effect of previous metal decoration products made from gold or platinum which are applied with the help of an organometallic suspension.

Koninklijke Tichelaar strive to seek out new uses and areas of application for glazed ceramics. As a material, ceramics are durable and timeless. Finishes such as this iridescent glaze add not only colour, gloss and special effects to ceramics, but also add positive performance qualities such as frost resistance. As such, glazed ceramics such as this are being increasingly recognised as a rich and versatile skin for a variety of applications including building facades.

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