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HydroSpan 100 can enlarge any shape or design in near perfect proportion and detail. When parts cast from HydroSpan are soaked in water, they accurately increase in size by 60%. By producing a series of progressively larger silicon molds, exponential growth of the original shape can be achieved.This material was originally created for artists needing a fast and economical way of enlarging seashells, fossils and other items for museum exhibits.

So how does it work? HydroSpan 100 is a flexible urethane casting resin. When liquid water touches the surface of HydroSpan, it is attracted to the atomic charge of the polymer molecules. As the water is absorbed, the polymer matrix stretches uniformly in all directions in order to accommodate the incoming water. The absorbed water is held so tightly  inside that the material appears almost dry to the touch when fully expanded. Even cutting or crushing the polymer will not easily release liquid water. Through this process, HydroSpan produces near perfect expansion of molded shapes.

HydroSpan 100 is a safe and easy to use 2 component flexible urethane. It is non-hazardous for shipping purposes and produces no odor. It has a mix ratio of 2 parts A to 1 part B component by measured by volume. Working life is 10-minutes and full cure time is 24 hours.

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