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Hey Jute fabric showcases the benefits of the raw fibre of jute. Growing between two to five metres, the strands are incredibly long and strong. Jute is the second most-cultivated textile fibre in the world, but is mainly used in the background, like for the backing of carpets and linoleum, or as potato sacks. Industrial processing and chemical treatment destroy the natural qualities of this ecological material and it tends to be used in utilitarian cloth like cargo sacking. With his project, designer Alexander Marinus aims to change the perception and appreciation of jute in textiles. He uses the full properties of the raw jute fibres in their pure state, preferably the light coloured thin fibres.

The first application Marinus developed was a cushion of 3.5 metres long, the average length of a jute fibre. Additionally, the material is perfectly suitable for needle felting, obtaining the structure of fur.

In addition to the economic significance that high-quality jute production can have for the regions where it is grown and processed (mainly India and Bangladesh), Hey Jute also seems to give an appropriate answer to the need for materials that do not require any added chemical elements, grow in a clean way (jute grows in a single monsoon season and does not require additional irrigation, fertilisation or insecticides) and can be reused.

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