Lana Lumière, Fil & Ruban

Lana Papier

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This collection consists of various types of paper.

Lana Lumière paper is smooth to the touch and soft. Its composition makes the paper transparent once in contact with a source of heat such as hot foil stamping. The finest motifs show up with incredible clarity when held up to the light.  The high-grammage paper responds well to embossing. More than ten levels of depth are available for a sharp result. The combined techniques of embossing and debossing create wonderful effects.

Lana Fil is enhanced with yarn inclusions forming an actual seam under the fibrous network. The result is ultra-chic, 100% natural, authentic and inviolable. The yarn is the customers choice. Possibilities include cotton yarn, linen yarn, gold yarn and silver yarn.

Lana Ruban has linen or cotton lace, and taffeta, organza, cotton or silk ribbon embedded inside the paper.


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